Congratulations for SIT students' achieving good scores of EAP study Recently, two SIT students now studied in Canada, Jack and Leo, have passed the examination of EAP-4000 level and EAP-3000 level, respectively. It has been introduced by SIT to award the students to be abroad according to their English score. Therefore the scholarship application for these two students is in progress. Durham College (DC) is one of our international partners in Canada. Our implementing program in this cooperation is "3+1", which means SIT students will connect to application master (1 year) in DC under the required condition after their college study (3 years) at SIT. In addition, SIT is also cooperating with other universities or colleges in USA, UK, Ireland, Philippines, Thailand, etc., to conduct more "3+1", "2+2", and short-term exchange programs. SIT is an open college and consecutively working on creating good platform and more opportunities for the students' success.        近日,两名在加拿大留学的理工学生Jack和Leo已分别取得EAP-4000和EAP-3000的好成绩。理工学院已经出台针对出国留学学生英语学习的奖学金政策,因此这两名学生的奖学金申请正在办理当中。       杜伦学院是理工学院的国际合作伙伴之一,现在正在进行的项目有“3+1”,即理工学生在完成3年的大专学习后在一定条件下可接着读杜伦学院的应用型研究生(1年)。除此之外,理工学院也与其他国家如美国、英国、爱尔兰、菲律宾、泰国等的大学或学院合作,有"3+1"、“2+2”、短期交换等项目。理工学院是一所开放的学院,将持续致力于为学生成功创建更好的平台和更多的机会。 2019.06.28
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