Progress of UPOP project: A Trip to Sound Music
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As invited by UPOP China and Budee Technology, SIT students majored in Music Performance have participated their open day activity on Aug 24 together with the leader Mr. Li Hui, the teacher of the College of Arts.

Tour 1:Modern Sky Studio

The international advanced studio, Modern Sky Studio, is located at the first floor of Modern Sky Headquarters in Beijing, established beginning of 2018. Budee Technology has participated its equipment selection regarding recording, audio mixing, and mastering, general function framework, and general routing system design. Under the leadership of UPOP China and Budee Technology, SIT students have visited Modern Sky Studio and the rehearsal room of ?the Summer of the Brand?. Professional acoustic design, matching with a professional team, each has a different impact on students' vision and hearing.

Tour 2: on-the-spot trip at Budee Technology

The neat and orderly office area, clear human resource management mode, impressive recording studio, sound amplification room, sound mixing studio, training rehearsal studio and attractive high-end equipment are all deeply shocking to students' heart and soul!

After the visit, students have a clear mind of the development of music production program, own future job and development direction.UPOP China and Budee Techonology will join hands to build these two programs - Music Production and Audio Recording, and pave the way for SIT studetns to the top of music production and audio recording industry in the world.


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